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It’s rare to find a socially progressive church that keeps and cherishes traditional liturgy. But that’s the blend that draws worshipers from a wide area to Mount Olive’s doorstep in Midtown Minneapolis.

We describe ourselves as musical, liturgical and welcoming. By musical we mean to emphasize our reputation for congregational singing and organ playing. By liturgical we mean to identify ourselves with timeless rituals that are astonishingly powerful in today’s world. By welcoming we mean to underscore our openness to all comers. We cannot imagine Christ’s church as an exclusionary body. Neither can we imagine the Christian life as a solely private relationship. And so, we are compelled to serve others, near and far. In our serving we are imperfect. We are human. We stumble. We have as many questions as answers. But we lean on God’s grace and on each other. And that seems to give our parish—now entering its second century—a lasting strength.



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Summer Worship Schedule

     Beginning Sunday, May 24, The Day of Pentecost (Memorial Day weekend), and running through Sunday, September 6 (Labor Day weekend), we worship on summer schedule.

One Sunday Eucharist each week, at 9:30 a.m.

All are welcome.


Community Meals

Mount Olive Neighborhood Ministries serves a free, nutritious meal to between 80 and 150 people, on the first and third Saturdays of each month beginning at noon.

This is a great opportunity to meet and get to know our neighbors, and to enjoy a great meal together with them.

All are cordially invited!








Meet Our Missionary

July 12

After church on Sunday, July 12, grab some coffee and a seat and spend some time getting to know Karen Anderson, our ELCA mission-ary to Chile.

Karen and her team are now reaching out to teach com-munity health techniques to community workers through-out Central and South America, and even to those working in Africa. Through our support of Karen we have real impact in improving health and lives in Chile.

Save the date. Save the time. Join the conversation.



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